Select among the following items for answers to basic and most common questions we're asked by prospective customers who are considering ordering milling and machining tools from Sterling Edge. For more detailed answers, please give us a call using the numbers at the bottom of the page or turn to the Contact Us page to email your questions.

If I asked you to find and supply some complementary tool pieces for me, like extensions, collets, and misting units, would you do it?

Yes, we have provided complete systems for customers.

If I need technical advice, do you have someone on staff that I can speak with who has at least ten years experience in 3‐D tooling applications?


What percentage of your entire company’s business comes from 3‐D milling tools?

85%. We are specialists, dedicated to 3-D milling tools.

If I ordered a special today, how long would it be before you ship it?

Usually within three weeks.

Do you offer tool trials?

Yes, we have a Try-Before-You-Buy program.

Do you offer ___________coatings? [Ask about the coatings that interest you]

Yes. We offer all the state-of-the-art coating options.

Do you offer ___________? [Ask about any important tool types or sizes that you could not find in the supplier’s catalog]

In addition to common sizes, we stock uncommon extras from special orders, e.g. 7/8-inch tooling.

Do you require a long term commitment for specials? How much more expensive are specials than a similar standard product?

No long term commitment required. The typical premium for a special is less than 25%.

Will you consider doing a special run for me if I only need 6 tool bodies? What about 10‐20 inserts?

Yes to both small quantities. If a special is requested, we will get back to you with an answer and a quote within 24 hours.

Would you sharpen my solid carbide tools? Would you make other tool modifications that I might need?

Yes, we sharpen solid carbide tools for our customers. We also make other tool modifications, e.g. making tool shanks smaller than the tool diameter.

How late in the day can I place an order and have it shipped that same day?

5:00 PM. If you place an order by then, we can pack and ship it that same day.

What percentage of tools ordered by customers last year was backordered? And what percentage of backorders was shipped within 3 business days?

1.3% of tools were backordered. 99.2% of backorders were shipped within three business days of original order date.