Ballnose Inserts (Metric and Inch)

Ballnose Finishing Inserts

Our Ballnose carbide insert family is designed to provide highly accurate effective cutting characteristics in a wide variety of materials. Our fully ground "second Generation" geometries along with premium carbide and state-of-the-art coatings are used to ensure the best possible performance and durability. Our application specific coatings maximize insert life and reduce machine cycle time. The various styles of insert grinds have identical locating features to ensure accuracy and consistency in the Sterling Edge tool body. Special application coatings available upon request.

  • Standard Grind

    Standard Grind

    The workhorse of the family. It withstands aggressive use and performs effectively with heavier cuts during the roughing phase of profile milling. During the finishing phase, the geometry of the grind allows the insert to "cut to center" resulting in a smoother finish.

    Use with ballnose holder.

  • High-Speed Grind

    High Speed Grind

    The neutral center cutting grind is designed for light finish cuts with high RPMs and high feed rates, producing a superior finish. When used with the Hard-Cut coating, this insert is excellent for finishing hardened material.

    Use with ballnose holder.

  • Curve Grind

    Curve Grind

    The high positive helical geometry is designed to sheer the material and evacuate chips in machining of softer materials up to 35 HRc. Specific edge prep and coatings are available for Aluminum, Kurtzite, Brass and other non-ferrous metals as well as steel and stainless steel.

    Use with ballnose holder.

  • Hog Nose Insert

    Hog Nose

    Allows you to cut off the tip like a 5-axis mill. Hog nose inserts are excellent for hardened steel applications. Their geometry increases the velocity of the insert at the cutting points. Coatings and grinds available for ferrous and non-ferrous applications.

    These inserts use our standard ball nose badies.

  • Ballnose Roughing Tool Inserts

    Ballnose Roughing Tool Inserts

    2" Cutter bodies have nose inserts positioned on a positive axial rake for aggressive heavy cuts with slower spindles and feed rates. All other sizes are on a negative axial rake. Ramping / plunging cuts are made more efficient with two cutting edges to center. Full radius inserts allow for smooth cutting action in all rise & fall and Z level cut applications. Insert repeatability from .0000-.001 for consistent Rough and semi-finish throughout work piece.

    Use with ballnose roughing holder.


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